Propride hitch installation manual

Propride hitch installation

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My tow vehicle is a Ford Expedition and with the propride 3P hitch installed I was able to evenly distribute the weight over the two Expeditions axles. Page 4 Pre-Installation Before beginning the installation of your new hitch you should remove any old equipment you have on the trailer. Also, remove your gas bottles and set them aside. He is a wealth of information on his ProPride hitches. Manufacturing Jim Hensley hitch designs. Happy with my Half-Ton and ProPride My new camper was just within my GCVWR as well as tow capacity.

Not true - I bent the forward lip of the head assembly when the. is the premier trailer sway control hitch manufacturer and accessory supplier in North America. Shop for top quality products, backed by the highest customer service standards in the country. Hitch moves Pivot point to the middle of your truck bed, so maneuvering is easier as well. The PP instructions make it seem they can be hung pretty close under the hitch. Installation Manual www. The 3P was purchased from ProPride com) as a replacement for our Equal-i-zer. This Hitch was rebuilt by the Factory in and used 6-7 times.

The installation of our 3P 1400 sway elimination hitch system. Instead of spending an extra 30K on a 3/4 ton, I decided to spend 3K on the ProPride hitch. The ProPride is based on the same concepts as the Hensley Arrow, but the design is slightly different. Note: I also added Firestone airbags to supplement keeping the truck level using this hitch system. 14 - StrapTek Installation Manual Introduction STRAPTEK™ WEIGHT TENSION TECHNOLOGY Straptek™ is an innovative product that simplifies weight distribution hitch systems for RV, cargo, utility, horse/livestock and marine trailer industries. Between running to Lowes for tools, and setting up the camera for all the various shots, it took me about 4. Consequently, I have not updated those who have been curious and have asked about my recent upgrade from the Equil-i-zer 1400 (now for sale ) to the ProPride 3P. The ProPride would definitely NOT have helped if I continued to tow with my Ram 1500, as the problem was an overloaded truck, not the type of hitch used.

See more videos for Propride Hitch Installation Manual. I did find blogs and photos of the setup process but I am looking for the manufacturer&39;s documents. Do they exist in electronic form? Or, if Ted wants to follow Ford&39;s most recent instructions for their 3/4 ton and heavier vehicles, the new instructions, from the F-250/350/450/550 Owners Guide (page 249) are: " Weight-distributing hitch When hooking-up a trailer using a weight-distributing hitch, always use the following procedure: 1.

A typical tow hitch installation may involve some of the following steps: removing the spare tire, lowering the exhaust, removing existing vehicle hardware, lifting the hitch into position and torqueing the hitch hardware to the correct values. I am wrapping up my install of Propride 3P hitch on my Jayco FKS322 TT which will be towed by 20HD. customer sup-port ator by visiting EqualizerHitch. There is a learning curve to hooking up but it is nothing to fear or worry about. If ground clearance is a consideration in your setup, one of the e2 trunnion hitches will work great for you. Probably most here are familiar with the ProPride and the similar Hensley Arrow hitches, but if not, in a nutshell they use "pivot point projection" to make it seem as if the hitch point is over the tow vehicle’s rear axle, and thus tow a. ) After further inspection of the hitch, I noticed that the ProPride hitch box is not square. Propride says the hitches can be installed in about two hours – but the average from blogs I’ve read seems more like 3-4.

They do/hitch up differently. They also send a ratcheting 3/4″ wrench which is used for various things during the install. 5 hours to install. Take the time to do your measurements. The installation and support from Sean was great and the towing experience is so much better! Propride 3p Hitch Mini-review - posted in Towing Issues & Vehicles: I have been trying to limit my time on the computer at night. I am selling my nearly new ProPride 3P with the 1400 bars.

This would have to be picked up at Erie, CO. This is the first video in a great series by Jeff Lockhart, past 3P owner (Jeff and family camp in propride hitch installation manual a 5th wheel trailer now). The propride and Hensley are superior to any friction based hitch. Many people take this opportunity to clean up the tongue of the trailer by. For us, it was more like 5-6.

The instructions that come with the ProPride hitch will tell you it takes about two hours. Straptek™ employs a ratchet winch. Propride, safety chain, instructions. We have now towed our trailer over 1,000 miles with the ProPride hitch.

For Sale, a ProPride 3P 14,000lb with 1400lb Bars. I have 2875 invested and will sacrifice for 1400. Secure the hitch bar with the hitch pin and clip. I did a search tonight without success to find a PDF or other electronic files for the installation and setup of the 3P ProPride hitch. A later design by Jim Hensley, the ProPride 3P is manufactured by the former Vice President of Hensley Mfg, Inc. Here it goes - Ill try to make this a brief as possible. Getting ready to make final adjustments then test drive. While he would have liked to sell you a new ProPride, he is it&39;s number one supporter and wants all ProPride users to love their ProPride.

Keep this manual in a safe place as a reference for regular adjustment and maintenance. You cannot beat this Hitch. ALWAYS Secure the hitch bar with pin and clip upon installation At the front of the main hitch assem-bly, rotate the “Over-Center-Latch” (OCL) assemblies outward and backward toward the main hitch assembly. Word of mouth is his best endoresements. Straptek weight distribution system and tensioner works as an alternative, low-profile weight distribution system for the ProPride 3P hitch. Kudos to the ProPride shipping department as there was only a couple of minor scratches on one of the parts from shipping.

This is the top of the line hitch, if you google it, you will see! Its not because we don’t know which end of a wrench to hold, but rather because the instructions could be a bit clearer (because no two trailers are alike) and because we encountered. (67) Pro propride hitch installation manual Pride Hitch (57) trailer sway elimination (46) sway control (44) truck and trailer hitch accessories (34) propride 3P (29) next generation trailer hitch (25) brake controllers (14) trailer tongue weight scale (13) wheel chocks (13) hensley arrow (12) tire chocks (11) ProPride 3P Hitch Reviews (9) tire pressure monitoring. All in excellent condition. please contact ProPride sure to Mention RVDAYDREAM SENT YOU Warning detailed, Long Video. • The more accurate the measurement, the easier it will be for you to adjust and identify areas to correct.

When reading the LX manual, it says when towing over 4k pounds, you have to do that in low (with the AHC turned off). This is necessary when you get to the Frame Bracket installation. Almost as if it was a fifth wheel. Keeping my speed controlled, along with having the hitch, so far seems to be working for me. ) With the hitch centered and the WD jacks all the way down, there is 1 1/8" between the bottom of the frame and the yoke on the street side and 1 1/2" on the curb side. The ProPride 3P manual is thorough, well written and contains lots of photos. . No more Sway, Tow with Confidence!

Insert the hitch bar into the hitch receiver of the tow vehicle. ProPride sends along a breaker bar with a 15/16″ socket, which is used to latch the hitch bar into the main hitch unit, but this is also used for installation. This has included driving in sustained 30 MPH crosswinds, some freeway travel, and several trips, most of which are around 100 miles. Any recommendations, suggestions, tips on adjusting for best results? The Fastway® e2™ Hitch comes in round bar and trunnion styles. Both offer fast and easy built-in sway control and weight distribution. No functional damage, but it looks bad.

Finally, in his never ending quest for the most complete, hassle-free, user-friendly hitch he improved the Hensley Hitch in the ProPride 3P design. That number is fairly accurate, assuming you have all the tools needed. We&39;re new the car, new to the trailer, and new to the hitch.

If you want a superior no sway, no boe effect, no push from the big truck tow go with a Hensley or a Pro Pride. The ProPride 3P hitch is the most advanced trailer sway control hitch available for your towing needs. Also, the ProPride hitch reverses without issues where previously I had to drop the weight distribution bars on the Equal-i-zer hitch. Both hitches are similarly priced at around 00, although Hensley sometimes has less-expensive remanufactured units available. This is the story of two installations of Propride’s P3 hitch system. • This manual includes specific pages to log your measurements for reference. Purchased new from the factory and includes all manuals, and tools.

I discussed the installation of our ProPride hitch in the post, How much trailer can you tow — part 3. His email: com Register your PrtoPride hitch with them. Home-> Tow_Vehicles-> Hitches-> ProPride.

Strap-Tek Lippert 335852 Instructions Install Manual Suggested Products. ProPride 3P 1400 Hitch (detail pictures and install) These are the parts of the hitch after unpacking them. . Includes spare parts, original manual and installation instructions. Installing a trailer hitch is a relatively easy automotive job. Continue reading ProPride Trailer Hitch 1,000 mile Update →. We have a 26 foot travel trailer on an F150 truck and our daughter’s family has a 35 TT on a 3500 van. The hitch made a huge difference in the towing of the vehicle virtually no sway and a rock stable tow.

As a former Hensley owner I believe they are worth it. *Find a video of installation by searching “ProPride Hitch Installation Instructions” on YouTube. First, ill start by saying, Sean at ProPride. When new, the hitch sold for ,645. Filename Date Modified Size; ProPride 3P Hitch Installation and Operation. It propride hitch installation manual propride hitch installation manual was an invaluable reference for the initial installation and for the adjustments and changes that came later. This is my first "non-typical" hitch and I want to be sure I don&39;t miss anything.

FURTHER ASSISTANCE If you do not understand any part of this manual contact a qualified Equal-i-zer® hitch dealer in your area or Progress Mfg. Skip to sections you want to see using markers. I didn&39;t see too many ProPride posts (I did search), so I&39;m hoping one or more of the experts can help (we&39;re also new to towing anything larger than a 5x8 trailer). Also includes the factory hitch and jack covers. Who knows though, I may change my mind and spring for the ProPride. Conclusion I could not be happier with the decision to purchase the ProPride hitch. pdf: 14:42: 1.

Propride hitch installation manual

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